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When one or more teeth are missing in a row, we may recommend crown and bridge system to restore a strong, complete bite. A bridge is a fixed prosthetic, which means it cannot be removed by the patient.

If missing teeth are not replaced, remaining teeth can shift out of place. This can lead to problems with occlusion (how upper and lower teeth fit together), which can in turn lead to TMJ dysfunction and/or bruxism (teethgrinding). Further more, missing teeth can alter speech and chewing ability. If teeth are missing in the front of the mouth, a patient may suffer from decreased self-confidence, as well.

Bridges are vital in protecting not only the balance of your bite and chewing motion, but the integrity of your facial features as well. A person who leaves missing teeth unattended may permanently alter the shape and contour of his or her face. Bridges easily restore not only the balance of the mouth, but typically look and feel as natural as your own teeth.